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The Globe and Mail has recently written a couple of articles on Mental Health. Here is the link, and here are some of our members’ responses. Their opinions do not necessarily reflect those of OSP.

Response to Globe and Mail series Open Minds — Gwen Shandroski

Dear Mr. Picard,

I am following the Globe and Mail’s series on Psychotherapy, “Open Minds” beginning Saturday May 23, 2015 with particular interest. I have enjoyed all of the installments. However, I have found one glaring omission in the series. Only the professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers have been mentioned as providing psychotherapy.

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care proclaimed the Psychotherapy Act on April 1st, 2015 and protected the title “psychotherapist” under the newly formed College of Psychotherapists of Ontario, CRPO.

CRPO currently has 1700 approved members with roughly 5000 other applicants in various stages of review and application. All of these members are providing psychotherapy as well as the professionals already mentioned in the series.

I would greatly appreciate a correction of this omission in the Open Mind series. Specifically an addendum saying that the professionals under the protected title, psychotherapists are implied in the series.


Gwen Shandroski, M.Sc.
8 Bertmount Avenue
Toronto, ON. M4M 2X9

Response to Globe and Mail series Open Minds — David Schatzky

Is it coincidence that CAMH has sponsored the Globe and Mail’s major week long feature report on psychotherapy in Canada just as the brand new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario gets established? The articles make scant mention of the only Ontario practitioners who in provincial legislation have the exclusive right to the title Registered Psychotherapist.

One wonders if CAMH and psychologists (who along with physicians are referred to in the articles most) are trying to squeeze RP’s out of the picture when it comes to public funding of mental health. Are they attempting to thwart public acceptance of RP’s as competent and useful practitioners?

Despite the lack of recognition of Registered Psychotherapists in these articles, the demand for mental health services is such that people continue to discover by themselves (or through referrals from MD’s) that Registered Psychotherapists exist, are more affordable than psychologists and often offer sliding scale fees, and are equally effective in helping them improve their mental health.

David Schatzky, RP
Ste. 500, 720 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5S 2T9

Response to Globe and Mail series Open Minds — Steven Schklar

Hello! Wakie Wakie! MDs, CAMH, Psychologists & CBT folks

There is currently a College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Proclaimed April 1st 2015 after seven years of struggling to open the doors to access for psychotherapy (CBT is NOT psychotherapy BTW) to the public for low, moderate and fair rates for fees. Those registered with the College (CRPO) are sole holders of the title “Registered Psychotherapist” by Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of Ontario. So, you are incorrect on many counts:

1) Research shows CBT to be less effective long term than Psychotherapy.

2) Success of CBT is not because of the “manual or structure” as much as by the effectiveness of the individual deliverer of the “course”.

3) The new title Registered Psychotherapist is awarded to those who are trained specifically to deal with significant emotional and relational issues. They have been serving thousands of people in Ontario for decades. Now that we have our own College,

4) Here is a link to back up my thoughts on effective care.

It seems CAMH AND PSYCHOLOGISTS are teemed together to protect their turf as there is little or no mention of this College and it’s thousands of authorized practitioners who can help ease the burden of care and eliminate any wait lists for treatment of anxiety, depression and a host of other issues.

Steven Schklar, BSc., RP
Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
Registration Number: 001001

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, Groups
Clinical Member, OSP – Past President, OSP

Voice: 416-603-2177
Web: www.psychotherapytoronto.com

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